Sidecar Assembly Instructions

Please note that Step 2 in the PDF assembly instructions has been updated to reflect an improvement in the Sidecar design where the front skirt is now attached with Shelf Pins sandwiched between the two front legs.  The video does not yet reflect this. 

The updated guide can be downloaded here.

De-Fi Sidecar Assembly Video Preview Image
Platform and Sidecar White and Black Stuff

What About

That White and Black Stuff?

You may be wondering what that white and black stuff is that is visible in some dados and rabbet joints on the Natural finish (Dado and rabbet are woodworking terms to describe the recessed grooves cut in the wood.). 

It’s nothing to fear. It’s a plant based glue used in the core of the wood which gives it strength. It’s not toxic, and will be hidden when you assemble your desk.